Our First Game

Otter Space was programmed using C# and the graphics were pre-built models included with Unity, since none of us knew how to make 3D models nor how to make a game at the time.The game was built at McGame Jam where participants are given 3 days to create a game and demo it at the end of the event.

We were a team of 4 strangers that were new to the field of programming, we had only worked with Java, and did not have the slightest idea on how to make a video game; however, we had the drive and the commitment required to sit through tutorials and learn the basics to showcase a functional demo. On day one we watched numerous tutorials which taught us the basics of video game design and the C# syntax. Thereafter, we began our development stage where segments of the game functions were delegated to members of the team. Finally, I compiled the individual segments and put them all together and debugged the game. By approaching the task systematically we were able to successfully showcase a functioning game; concluding our utmost rewarding experience as new game developers.

The following is the in-game footage of our first game, Otter Space, created using the Unity Engine: